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Pages in Sequence: Box Brown's Print Comic Production Blog

Pages in Sequence.

This was another make-it-up-as-i-go comic.  I started with the panel layout and then drew the first panel-- a view from my desk.  The day after I tackled the next three panels.  Then I didn't touch it for a few days because I was still trying to figure out what themes were being developed, and finally finished the last two panels today (10/9/14). 

A while ago I read a book by John Stilgoe called "Outside Lies Magic," and it changed how I notice my surroundings (I'd definitely recommend it, but it is written in this really forced third person nonfiction kind of thing that reminds me of old Zelda player's guides), and I think this comic ended up being motivated by some of the things I read about in that book.

This is also the first strip that I've done where I've used more than 3 colors.  I had a lot of help from my partner and my roommate, and I think it turned out pretty well considering my colorblindness.  I'm also pleased with how well this comic page is composed.

Lessons that I learned:
-If you plan on using a lot of color, try not to do too much penciling-- especially with a really hard pencil (third panel is an example of what not to do next time).
-You can't use colored pencils on top of white out, there isn't anything there for the color to smear onto.